I got my Essential Skills Certificate from AMWA

Over the last 5 years, I have attended the following workshops at AMWA conferences in order to earn my Essential Skills certificate:

Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors

Elements of Medical Terminology

Essential Ethics for Medical Communicators

Establishing Style: Exploring and Developing In-House Guides

Tables and Graphs

Basic Grammar I

Punctuation for Clarity and Style

Effective Paragraphing


Essential Skills Certificate


BELS Certification

At the AMWA Annual Conference in October 2013, I took the BELS exam for the second time. After studying a bit more than I did the first time I took the exam, and having a better idea of what was expected in the exam, I passed!

I am now a certified Editor in the Life Sciences, hence the ELS after my name.

For more information on the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences: http://www.bels.org/index.cfm