The AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors—What’s New in the 11th Edition

AMWA Journal

June 2020

This was the Feature Article in the Summer 2020 issue and is based on the session at the AMWA Conference. [Must be a member to view.]

Using Editing Checklists for More Efficient Editing

AMWA Journal

December 2013

This article was published in the Practical Matters section of the Winter 2013 issue and covers Kelly’s research and experience in using editing checklists to improve editing efficiency. [Copy of open access journal]

Mothers Who Deliver

SUNY Press


Kelly indexed this book, which was a great learning experience. At the 2011 STC Summit, she had the index evaluated and the evaluator was impressed. The evaluator had edits and suggestions, but overall, she thought I did pretty well for a first index.

WomanSource Catalog & Review

Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press


Kelly was one of many writers and editors in this project, from October 1994 to October 1995, which was a huge undertaking! She also helped with the index, which began my fascination with indexing.

My responsibilities included:

  • Conducted research, shaped content, wrote reviews, and prepared layout for 10 chapters of book. Reviews were concise, averaging 150 words and describing the merits of the book, website, newsletter, organization, video, or product.
  • Consistently met deadline of three chapters per eight-week period.
  • Edited copy of other writers and proofed final layout of book, including index.
  • Organized the thousands of books, publications, and products needed for project.
  • Designed and implemented system of verification for data of 900 providers and 2,000 entries.
  • Contacted every provider outlined in the book to ensure accuracy of information.
  • Assisted graphic designer in making corrections to final layouts.
  • Trained new writers in procedures and database use.
  • Appeared at book signings.
  • Participated in decision making in all aspects of book production, from hiring and training to page and cover design to marketing and public relations.