The Head Bookworm has edited many manuscripts for journal publication.

Editing includes the following:

  • Confirming document follows the AMA Manual of Style and journal style
  • Correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting
  • Assisting writers with clarity, brevity, syntax, diction, and presentation of ideas
  • Ensuring the manuscript meets journal style and specifications
  • Submitting the manuscript to the journal for the client and reviewing and correcting proofs as needed 

Published Articles

Articles that have been published where I have provided editorial assistance:

  • Robinson A, Wong R, Gish RG. Chronic hepatitis B virus and hepatitis D virus: New developments. Clin Liver Dis. 2023 Feb;27(1):17-25. doi: 10.1016/j.cld.2022.08.001. Epub 2022 Oct 18. PMID: 36400464 (edited but no acknowledgement)
  • Pham TND, Le DH, Dao DVB, Phan LTB, Pham TTT, Nguyen TB, et al. Establishing baseline framework for hepatitis B virus micro-elimination in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – A community-based seroprevalence study. Lancet Reg Health West Pac. 2022:100620. (edited; includes acknowledgement)
  • Kim TV, Le DH, Dao DVB, Pham TND, Mize GW, Phan LTB, Nguyen DX, Ngo T-T-D, Gish RG, Lee WM, Trang A, Le AN, Chen M, Phan HT, Nguyen BT, Tang HK, Dao DY. Demonstration of a population-based HCV serosurvey in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: Establishing baseline prevalence of and continuum of care for HCV micro-elimination by 2030. Lancet Reg Health West Pac. 2022;27:100524. (edited; includes acknowledgement)
  • Mesa RA, Sullivan EM, Dubinski D, Carroll B, Slee VM, Jennings SV, Finnerty CC, Bohannon LS, Mathias SD, Lahue BJ, Castells MC. Patient-reported outcomes among patients with systemic mastocytosis in routine clinical practice: Results of the TouchStone SM Patient Survey. Cancer. 2022;128(20): 3691-3699. (edited; acknowledgement for Alkemi LLC, , with whom I am an Expert Partner)
  • Mesa RA, Sullivan EM, Dubinski D, Carroll B, Slee VM, Jennings SV, Finnerty CC, Bohannon LS, Mathias SD, Lahue BJ, Castells MC. Perceptions of patient disease burden and management approaches in systemic mastocytosis: Results of the TouchStone Healthcare Provider Survey. Online ahead of print. Cancer. 2022;128(20): 3700-3708. (edited; acknowledgement for Alkemi LLC, with whom I am an Expert Partner)
  • Bogliotti Y, Vander Roest M, Mattis AN, Gish RG, Peltz G, Anwyl R, Kivlighn S, Schuur ER. Clinical application of induced hepatocyte-like cells produced from mesenchymal stromal cells: A literature review. Cells. 2022; 11(13):1998. (edited; includes acknowledgement)
  • Manne V, Ryan J, Wong J, Vengayil G, Basit SA, Gish RG. Hepatitis C vaccination: where we are and where we need to be. Pathogens. 2021; 10(12):1619. (edited; includes acknowledgement)
  • Nguyen T, Pham T, Tang HK, et al. Unmet needs in occupational health: prevention and management of viral hepatitis in healthcare workers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: a mixed-methods study. BMJ Open 2021;11:e052668. (edited; includes acknowledgement)
  • Gonzalez HC, Imam Z, Wong R, et al. Normal alkaline phosphatase levels are dependent on race/ethnicity: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data. BMJ Open Gastro. 2020;7:e000502. (edited and submitted, includes acknowledgement)
  • Jackson K, Gish RG. Point of care diagnostic testing for Hepatitis B virus. Curr Hepatol Rep. 2020. (edited and submitted, includes acknowledgement)
  • Clayton NP, Khan-Malek RC, et al. Sargramostim (rhu GM-CSF) improves survival of non-human primates with severe bone marrow suppression after acute, high-dose, whole-body irradiation. Radiat Res. 2020. Published online December 10, 2020. doi: 10.1667/RADE-20-00131.1 (edited; includes acknowledgement as part of Med Communications)
  • Underberg JA, Cannon CP, Larrey D, et al. Long-term safety and efficacy of lomitapide in patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia: Five-year data from the Lomitapide Observational Worldwide Evaluation Registry (LOWER). J Clin Lipidol. 2020;14(6):807-817. (edited but no acknowledgement)
  • Hong J, Lee Y, Lee C, et al. Physicochemical and biological characterization of SB2, a biosimilar of Remicade® (infliximab). MAbs. 2017;9(2):364-382. (edited, includes acknowledgement)
  • Tidwell T, Edwards J, Snider E, et al. A nursing pilot study on bedside reporting to promote best practice and patient/family-centered care. J Neurosci Nurs. 2011;43(4):E1-5.  https://doi.org10.1097/JNN.0b013e3182212a1d (edited but no acknowledgement)


I have edited many other manuscripts that were never published, and I corrected the proofs of many more manuscripts that didn’t get my watchful eye when first submitted.