Grad School Projects

Capstone: The Contributions of Women Physicians to Medical Communication in the Late 1880s. My degree program allows you to take a capstone course, where you complete a capstone paper within the confines of a one-semester course and make a presentation on it at the end of the course.

STEM Resources for Girls: Ideas for Parents and Educators website. I created this website in WordPress for my Technical and Scientific Prose class in Fall 2013. The goal was to cover a technical or scientific topic and creating a website seemed like a good way to explore the topic and possibly help others. Though I didn’t do much promotion of it, I did manage to get some followers.

Layout Editor for Spring 2012 Techniques. With input from the rest of the editorial committee, created new template in InDesign, helped choose articles to publish, made minor edits, laid out selected articles, and published to PDF.

Lightning Talk – Kelly Schrank This was an instructional design resource presentation I created for my Instructional Design for Technical Communicators class in Fall 2012. The goal was to discuss a new idea for teaching a topic. I used the lightning talk format to talk about how the lightning talk format could be used in a classroom.

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