More Conferences and Talks!

Communication Central Be a Better Freelancer conference

After many years of saying, I should attend this conference, I finally did attend one day of the Communication Central Be a Better Freelancer conference. and I’m glad I did!  I got to see a couple of people I normally see at STC functions, but then I also saw the Chair of the Liberal Arts school at Morrisville State College, who hired me to adjunct there (teaching a tech comm class) in Fall of 2016. So that was unexpected.

Also, I won a book (below), worked on my elevator pitch, learned a bit about macros, and met some interesting folks!


Canastota Public Library

I’m excited to talk about technical writing to a local group of young girls at the library on Oct 5:



The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference

Another conference I have been wanting to attend for years is the Lavacon conference. I was lucky enough to win a free registration at the Conduit conference, so I cashed in some frequent flyer miles for the flight and got a roommate to share the room costs. No speaking this time; I’m just going to explore the conference, learn something new, and network.


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