Fall is Here and Busy!

Where did the summer go? Here we are midway through September and there is so much going on!


Coming into September, I knew I had some deadlines and activities for the fall:

  • Planning Administrative Council meetings for the STC Rochester chapter as the new President and training my replacements for programs and PR
  • Putting together my application for STC Associate Fellow
  • Writing a couple of blog posts for the AMWA Annual Conference
  • Taking on a new freelance gig
  • Attending the AMWA Annual Conference, where I will attend Board and Executive Committee meetings as the Annual Conference Administrator

But as September progressed, my deadlines and activities doubled or tripled!

One freelance gig turned into two, though the second is small. This is the type of challenging work I enjoy, though, and it will be one and off until December, which allows me to fit it in without killing myself with everything else going on.

One conference turned into three, and I am really looking forward to those! The first is the Presentation Summit, where I will brush up on my PowerPoint and presenting skills and see what I can bring back to my day job. And the second is Interchange, a regional STC conference, where I will be presenting a new session that I am putting together as we speak!

For someone who said she was going to scale back her volunteer activities (and did turn down some requests for volunteer projects from STC and AMWA to clear my schedule a bit), I still ended up busy!

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