Session Summaries for Conferences

American Medical Writers Association

AMWA Journal in Summer 2018 for 2017 Annual Conference: Creating Science Videos for the Public

AMWA Journal in Spring 2018 for 2017 Annual Conference: Time-Saving Techniques for Microsoft Word and Professional Development for Medical Writers.

AMWA Journal in Winter 2014 for 2014 Annual Conference: AMWA Conference Session Summary 2014

AMWA Journal in Spring 2014 for 2013 Annual Conference: AMWA Conference Session Summary 2013

AMWA Journal online publication for 2012 Annual Conference:

AMWA Conference Session Summaries 2012 (Two summaries; first starts on page e26 and the second on e29.)

AMWA Journal online publication for 2011 Annual Conference:  AMWA Conference Session Summary 2011

Society for Technical Communication:

Rochester chapter’s website for 2012 National Conference: I Survived Giving a Lightning Talk

Technical Editing Special Interest Group’s website for 2012 National Conference:

Summit Panel Discussion: Why Technical Editors are Still Relevant

The Roving Technical Editors Report on the STC Summit

Technical Editing Special Interest Group’s website for 2007 National Conference:

Excerpts from STC Annual Conference Report