How can you trust that I am reliable, helpful, a good editor worthy of your time and money? I have provided a couple of testimonials – one from a new client and one from a former co-worker to put you at ease:

 “I can’t tell you how pleased and relieved I was to have Kelly edit my information product. Because she made it concise and easy to read, not just free of errors and typos, it is a complete and professional product now. My clients can definitely be assured now, that not only is the information contained in the product worthwhile, the quality of it now definitely matches my guarantee. My confidence in my product has really skyrocketed. In fact, it is so good now, I am thinking of charging more for the product! Thank you Kelly!”nknettell_001a2

Nancy Knettell, The Money Queen!



“I have had the distinct pleasure to work closely with Kelly on a number of projects. Her passion and commitment on each project was surpassed only by her nearly flawless execution. Kelly demonstrates an uncanny ability to create marketing collateral, packaging and “technical” documentation that, while meeting regulatory and legal requirements, is readable and easily understood by all constituents, both internal and external. Kelly has the ability to articulate image with the stroke of the pen and reduce obscure technical jargon to comprehendible language. And all this without unduly increasing the breadth of the documents! It would be an honor to work with Kelly again and I would not hesitate asking her to be a part of my team should the occasion arise.”

Steven Lightburn,  Vice President and Board Member at Music Sweet Music

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