Speaking Engagements

STC – New England Chapter’s Interchange Conference

October 26 and 27, 2018, Lowell, MA

Presented session: Engineering Your Networking Experiences


STC – Philadelphia-Metro Chapter’s Conduit Conference

April 7, 2018, Philadelphia, PA

Todd DeLuca and I presented a session called Ready to Pivot, Advance, or Change? Use Side Gigs to Move Your Career Forward. I had given a similar session at Interchange in the fall and had put in a proposal for it at Conduit, and Todd had put in for a similar session for Spectrum and Conduit, so they asked us to work together and present one session. It was fun to collaborate with someone on a session, and we ended up having a lot of fun.


STC – Rochester Chapter’s Spectrum Conference

March 25-27, 2018, Rochester, NY

Presented a Spotlight Talk on Using Checklists to Increase Consistency and Productivity in Communications Tasks. Due to time constraints, I rushed through it a bit but I got some good feedback. My slides are on SlideShare and my other resources include an infographic on How to Create an Editing Checklist.


STC – New England Chapter’s Interchange Conference

October 20-21, 2017, Lowell, MA

Presented session: Ideas and Advice for Building Side Gigs at Your Day Job

Kelly at Interchange


AMWA’s Annual Conference

October 5-8, 2016, Denver, CO

Facilitated 2 Speed Networking Sessions

STC’s Technical Communication Summit

May 15-18, 2016, Anaheim, CA

Presented progression: Editing Checklist Infographic _FINAL

Kelly's Progression_4Kelly at ProgressionKelly's Progression_Cropped_2

STC’s Technical Editing Special Interest Group Webinar

September 21, 2015, virtual

Co-presented session: Editing in the Finance Industry and Medical Field Presentation

STC’s Technical Communication Summit, Leadership Day

June 21, 2015, Columbus, OH

Co-presented progression: Regional Conferences

Leadership Day Presentation_Jess_Kelly

STC – Rochester Chapter Program Meeting

November 18, 2014, Rochester, NY

Co-presented session: Medical Technical Writing in NY – Come Explore a Growth Segment in our Technical Communication Profession!

STC – Rochester Chapter’s Spectrum

April 14, 2014, Rochester, NY

Presented progression: Communicating with Others – Research Says!

Presented lightning talk: Resumes – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

AMWA’s Annual Conference

November 6-9, 2013, Columbus, OH

Hosted Breakfast and Lunch Roundtables: Using Checklists for More Efficient Editing

Spectrum pic

STC – Rochester Chapter’s Spectrum

March 23, 2012, Rochester, NY

Presented lightning talk: Editing Yourself

AMWA’s Annual Conference

October 4-6, 2012, Sacramento, CA

Hosted Breakfast Roundtable: Using Checklists for More Efficient Editing

Co-presented open session: It_s Not Magic Rev 3

STC’s Technical Communication Summit

May 20-23, 2012, Chicago, IL

Facilitated Editing Evaluation Workshop

  • Created and coordinated a brand new workshop at the STC Summit. Editors were required to submit samples of their editing of a document. They then met with experienced editors, who evaluated the quality of their editing and queries.

Presented progression: Using a Checklist for More Efficient Editing 

Presented lightning talk: Bringing the Benefits of STC to Work


STC – Rochester Chapter’s Spectrum

April 23, 2012, Rochester, NY

Facilitated Editing Checklist Workshop 


AMWA’s Annual Conference

October 20-22, 2011, Jacksonville, FL

Hosted Breakfast Roundtable: Using Checklists for More Efficient Editing