Product Manuals

I’ve been both a technical writer as well as a technical editor for more than 20 years.  I have created and improved documentation, websites, training materials, and product manuals, for a variety of industries.

While I was at Nextteq LLC, I was responsible for all aspects of the Documentation department, including manuals, forms, part numbers, MSDS, and other items needed to establish or enhance processes, release products, or meet the company’s objectives

In my 4 years in the position, I created 14 new product manuals for new chemical detection devices as well as 4 new manuals for existing products, establishing a new and consistent style and format. I worked with chemists and industrial hygienist to gather information and approve drafts.

I managed product releases for VeriFit (1), ChemTest (10), and Civil Defense Kit (25) products, including preparing specifications and terms and conditions of sale, holding others accountable for bill of materials and pricing, assisting ad agency with product packaging, and creating manuals.

The following product manual is still available on the Nextteq website: