Case Studies

In 2017, the Head Bookworm created a series of case studies for Med Communications, which are still on their website:

A Case Study: Partnership Provides Scalability and Clinical Operations Expertise

A Case Study: Seasonal Flexibility Provides Call Center Support only when Needed


At the start of the project, she created a case study template in InDesign. Once she implemented feedback and got approval on that, she began gathering potential case study options and drafted case studies based on the information available and what she knew as a long-time employee.

As often happens, the original vision for these case studies was not fully implemented. The Business Strategies team was asking for a level of detail and realism that would make prospects believe the stories in the case studies, even when confidentiality agreements did not allow clients’ names to be used. Concerns that clients or other members of industry would recognize clients ultimately took some of the meat out of the case studies, but Leadership seemed pleased to have the case studies and the social media posts that pointed to them regardless.